At the left you can see a bee foraging on some violets, strange thing is they ignore them until they start wilting then you will see a few bees looking for nectar in the near wilted blossom.

This afternoon the sun came out and so did the bees, it was still only 10c but they have been foraging at much cooler temperatures then this. If it is sunny I have seen them bringing pollen in when the temperature is 5c or 6c in the shade. I have never seen them this strong this early in april. They look more like they are in the beginning of may, I have still to see any drones though, this is a good thing since they are staying seasonal, they are at much lower risk of over rearing and starving, I still have not opened any of my hives or fed them anything. In my opinion letting them follow natures rhythm is the best way to keep them healthy.

Again my Italians like putting on a show when the sun comes out for the first time in any day, I still can't believe the numbers, Italians are known for overwintering in larger clusters then the European black bee. They will come out in this frenzy of flying around orienting ect then everything will calm down in an hour or so to an even pace. First time I saw this in march I was worried it might be robbers.


Randy Emmitt said...

Your bees have such a beautiful view! That hive looks busier than any of mine. I like the work shop lots of room and pretty neat. My work shop is a mess right now, I have some built in book cases, that keep getting put on the back burner and they have filled it up.

Sam Smith said...

The activity you can see is a burst type, this hive like to explode every day then it tappers off to an even pace, I am very pleased with how my little shop turned out, I had some extra time this year to work on it, it was fairly messy before it got to this stat :)

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